Video clip

A short video of me hand-weaving

What’s involved

The essential base ingredient for handwoven creations is non-itchy quality British wool (some blended with Silk) & British-spun cotton. 

I use suppliers who can trace the fibres to source, ensuring quality of supply.  It matters where they come from & how they’re produced.

I hand-dye when I need colour in small batches.  Hand-dyeing takes time, but the results make it worthwhile. 

Consideration for water & energy usage as well as caring for the fibres is also thought about.  A microwave provides heat for the dyeing as opposed to gas on the stove as this is more energy efficient & water is reused where there will be no detriment to the colours to be dyed.

A manual spinner removes excess water & the fibres are then allowed to dry naturally.

I use traditional handlooms, checking edges for neatness & fabric for the right tension by hand, there is no magical device to assist. 

Depending on the fibres used, making a Scarf starts at around three hours, a large throw around twenty-four. Hand-tying the fringes can take over an hour, Baby Blankets have over four-hundred pairs to tie.

Each piece takes time to give you years of enjoyment.

The colours shown here are a representation of what I can create, I’m happy to help you create a piece that’s unique to you, just ask, they’ll be no obligation to proceed.