Why I do what I do

I started weaving in early 2013. I had been made redundant from an office job and was pondering what I wanted to do and whilst pondering developed ulcerative colitis which literally floored me for several months & ultimately took three years to get it as under control as it can be. 

Not being one who likes to be idle and I like to pay my way, I decided to purchase a hand loom to have a go at weaving.  I have always been fond of natural fibres, in particular wool, so this seemed the ideal hobby.

The loom seemed to like me, and as illness dragged on I realised that there was a possibility I would not be a good employee and therefore need to need to come up with some form of employment.

So, Just Wool Textiles was born.

Over time, this is proven to be the right decision to make as I also developed arthritis, which makes me even less attractive to potential employers!

Whilst it can be a challenge to weave, especially on my biggest loom, weaving 56 inch wide pieces takes lots of effort to set up and weave, but the joy of seeing the fabric form and the smile that it gives to the recipient makes it very worthwhile.